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Personalization Instructions for Your Selected Ornament Design

  1. Review the Personalization Template: Carefully look at the text elements in your chosen design that can be personalized. For example, if the ornament design includes "Mr & Mrs Hunter | 2023," the customizable parts are 'Hunter' (the last name) and '2023' (the year).
  2. Provide Your Personalization Details: When providing your personalization details:
    • Replace Only the Specified Text: You should only replace the placeholders in the design with your details. In our example, you would substitute 'Hunter' with your last name and '2023' with the year of your choice.
    • No Additional Text: Please note that we cannot add any extra text that is not already part of the original design. This ensures that the aesthetic integrity of the design is maintained.


Once form has been submitted, I will send you a link via email to pay. Ornament creation will not begin until payment has been recieved.